instruments of transformation [an interview with @children183band]

Written by Dan King

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August 2, 2010

Honestly, I hadn’t heard much about these guys before I had the opportunity to review their sophomore album from Tooth and Nail Records. But now I’m hooked! Children 18:3 has a sound that I really enjoy, and even better… they have a great heart for God!

So I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to throw a few questions at them to hear more about who they are, and what’s important to them. Here are the results of that interview…

@bibledude: Hey guys! Thanks for doing this interview! I have to say that this would be my first group interview, and I’m pretty excited about getting the chance to chat with you guys. I love your music, but I know that a lot of my readers may not know who you are yet. So who is Children 18:3… as a group and individually?

@children183band: Hi Dan, thank YOU for this interview. We’re glad you like our jams, so do we:) Children 18:3 is a rock band started in 1999, comprised of: Seth, David, and Leemarie Hostetter. We put out some music on our own that we sold at shows, and then in ’07 Tooth and Nail Records signed us and have put out two records: ‘CHILDREN 18:3’ in 2008, and ‘RAIN’S A COMIN’ in 2010.

@bibledude: What’s it like working with each other as siblings?

@children183band: It works out very well. We all still live in the same house, so it’s not a big issue to get together to rehearse, which we try to do four or five times a week.

@bibledude: You guys have said elsewhere that, “…We want to be instruments of a new wave of transformation that will sweep the land. We aren’t just playing songs. We see something greater on the horizon and we want to be a part of it.” What do you mean by that?

@children183band: Well, I don’t think we said that exactly, but it’s a pretty good plan! Our new record, ‘Rain’s a Comin’,  talks about revival. Something big is coming. We can be involved, and we should!  We can start by asking the Lord for revival in our own hearts, also our churches, and our nation.

@bibledude: What advice would you have for others who also want to be “instruments of transformation” like that?

@children183band: Probly the only way to be effective in ‘transforming’,-at least long term- is to be transformed yourself:) Or at least heading in that direction. And really it comes down to learning to love Jesus. You can try and work FOR Jesus, do things FOR Jesus, but you probly won’t last long. Ministry needs to be the overflow of relating WITH Jesus yourself, and delighting in His love and pleasures.

@bibledude: I gotta say, I love the new album! What do you hope that people get out of listening to it?

@children183band: Thanks! We like the new album too! We hope people get their pointer and pinky fingers high in the air when they hear it:) We hope people are blessed, you know? Maybe the Lord will speak to hearts through the songs.

Check out Children 18:3’s latest album Rain’s a Comin’. Rock out. Be blessed.


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instruments of transformation [an interview with @children183band]

by Dan King time to read: 3 min