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Written by Dan King

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March 31, 2009

In God and a Girl, Joy Whitlock pours out her heart to God in a very raw and real way. Her debut album from Ardent Records is an amazing conversation between her and her Creator. As I’ve listened to her music, I have often found myself wrapped up in those same conversations as if I was the one having them with God instead of her.

One reviewer ( states, “Every once in a while in the music industry comes along a great storyteller. Someone who can involve you in the story as if you were right there when it happens…the latest in that list of storytellers is Joy Whitlock.”

joy whitlockThe heart of Joy’s music seems to come from her Christian experience. Growing up as the child of a minister, she rejected God for many years. It wasn’t until one night in a movie theater that watching The Passion of the Christ just pushed her over the edge. At that moment, her life suddenly took on a whole new direction.

Recently, I had the chance to chat with Joy about her faith and her music. Her responses are very real, just as I would have expected after listening to her music. Check out what Joy had to share…

BibleDude: In a nutshell, who is Joy Whitlock?

Joy: I am a young woman who loves God and her family madly.

BibleDude: How do you want to be defined as an artist?

Joy: I would much rather be defined as a person.  I don’t feel like my identity is solely an artist.  I am much more than that.  I am a daughter…a sister…an aunt…a best friend…a servant…a sinner…a saint, and so on.

BibleDude: You’ve struggled quite a bit with God in the past. What is it that drives you to worship Him in such a bold way now?

Joy: Once you know who God is…that He exists…and that everything He says about Himself in the Bible is exactly true…you can do nothing else.  We are compelled, I believe, to worship Him.  It’s almost as if we are uncontrollably drawn to Him.  His spirit within us compels us….to live in worship.

BibleDude: Your album is titled God and a Girl. Where did that name come from?

Joy: Well, it actually just popped in my head one day.  The majority of the songs on the album are conversation pieces.  It just seemed right to call it God and a Girl, because that’s what my life has become.

BibleDude: What else do you hope that this album accomplishes?

Joy: I don’t think we truly have an accurate idea of how many people are actually out there struggling.  Even Christians…the ones whom we think have it all together.  People are hurting.  I’ve seen it at my shows in the past.  People will come up to me and tell about their pain.  Why?  They don’t know me.  They just saw me sing a couple of minutes ago.  Why show a stranger your wounds?  Because I showed them mine. People need to know that they are not alone.  That is the worst feeling!  To feel like you are completely alone…that no one understands or can identify.  Alone is horrible.  All I have to offer people is, “Yes, I understand, and yes, there is a reason, and yes, there is an answer.  His name is Jesus.”  And that is what I hope the album accomplishes.

joy whitlockBibleDude: What advice would you have for people who want to worship God more boldly?

Joy: People who WANT to worship God more boldly…do.  It’s the people who are lethargic and complacent that need advice.  Which, if I am honest, is where I find myself sometimes.  The advice I would give to them, and myself, is that we need to wake up.  At the risk of sounding crazy, I believe time is short.  Time is very short and we are wasting it away.  We need to wake up.

BibleDude: What is God showing you these days?

Joy: Oh goodness….I don’t know if I am ready to divulge what God is showing me about myself just yet.  I am sure that it will appear on the next album, because that’s just how I write.  But because I want to at least give you some content here…God is showing me just how different He and I are.  I mean, we all know that God is so far above us, but there comes a time when it really hits home.  And it has hit me pretty hard.  He is so perfect…and patient…and HOLY…and beautiful…and pure…and right…and faithful.  And then there is me.

BibleDude: What’s next for Joy Whitlock?

Joy: Hopefully, a mini-tour in the month of July.  And maybe another album in the works.

BibleDude: Thank you Joy! And I just pray that God continues to touch your life and bless your music.


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interview: joy whitlock

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