The topic of submission is such a difficult topic to discuss these days. So often the idea of submission is taken as a sign of weakness. But Biblically, it is a source of strength. God did not call us to be rogue individuals, He called us to be a part of a body which has a Head. If we are to ever fulfill our place in life, then we should all know our role, and submit ourselves to the various authorities over us.

You may also be thinking…  “but not to ungodly authority!” If that’s what you think, then you probably need to humble yourself and try again. Listed below, I’ve assembled a great list of resources to help you study this topic of authority.



103619: 7 Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever 7 Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever
By Stormie Omartian / Countryman         

She’s helped thousands of devoted followers by revealing The Power of a Praying Wife. Now Omartian shares a handful of prayers for everybody! You’ll be edified and inspired as you learn to approach God for confession, salvation, pardon, promise, submission, praise, and blessing. A great way to energize stuck-in-a-rut devotions! 128 pages, 5″ x 7″ hardcover from Countryman. 



6301852: Authority & Submission Authority & Submission
By Watchman Nee / Living Stream Ministry     

Our God is a God of order and divine arrangement, and He desires that all things be headed up in Christ (Eph.1:10). In opposition to the divine will, there is rebellion and chaos in God’s creation due to the fall of humanity. According to God’s divine arrangement, the reestablishment of order in the universe is centered on the relationship between Christ, the Head, and the church, His Body. Christ has been made Head over all things to the Church (Eph. 1:22), and the living exercise of authority and submission within the Body of Christ is central to the working out of God’s Divine will.In Authority and Submission, Watchman Nee presents many helpful principles and examples from the Holy Scriptures related to the proper exercise of both authority and submission, an exercise that is according to the divine life in the Body of Christ.



2715X: Embracing Authority: The Challenge of Living God's way in God's World Embracing Authority: The Challenge of Living God’s way in God’s World
By John Kitchen / Christian Focus Public     

A thoroughly counter-cultural, transformingly revolutionary, and deeply Christian re-appraisal of the good and wise gift of God-ordained authority structures. Kitchen calls us back to submit to God’s mandate of submission and authority in all, but in only, the ways God has designed for his glory and for our highest well being and joy. An accurate analysis of contemporary culture together with a robust challenge to the church.



444491: Fear and Trembling Fear and Trembling
By Soren Kierkegaard / Penguin Classics     

Abraham’s unreserved submission to God’s will provides the focus for this religious and ethical polemic. Writing under the pseudonym of Johannes de Silentio, Kierkegaard uses the form of the dialectical lyric to present his conception of faith. Abraham is portrayed as a great man, who chose to sacrifice his son, Isaac, in the face of conflicting expectations and in defiance of any conceivable ethical standard. The infamous and controversial ‘teleological suspension of the ethical’ challenged the contemporary views of Hegel’s universal moral system, and the suffering individual must alone make a choice ‘on the strength of the absurd.’ Kierkegaard’s writings have inspired both modern Protestant theology and existentialism, and this edition of Fear and Trembling contains a full introduction and notes which complement a key work in the psychology of religious belief.



4605486: Praying the Psalms Praying the Psalms
By Thomas Merton / Liturgical Press     

In Bread in the Wilderness, Merton looks at the psalms as poetry; in this book he regards them as prayer. Guiding you through the more representative psalms, he explains why the Church also considers the psalms as the best way to praise God.”Merton shows us how to draw out the richness of worship from the psalter and to use it to achieve ‘the peace that comes from submission to God’s will and from perfect confidence in him.'” –Catholic Review Service



122979: Rendezvous: A Sacred Encounter with God Rendezvous: A Sacred Encounter with God
By Frank Moore / Beacon Hill Press     

Rendezvous: A Sacred Encounter with God draws you into a new connection with the essence of Christ and unveils how to turn your spiritual routine into a sacred romance with the One who loves you most. With mystery and revelation, Frank Moore unfolds ways you can encounter Christ—in your life, your closest relationships, your friendships, your community, and the world. He recasts the impression of spiritual practices and reveals how avenues such as prayer, submission, hospitality, examination, compassion, simplicity, and others lead to sacred rendezvous with God and engage you in genuine relationship with Him. Rendezvous invites you to discover how to turn everyday moments into sacred encounters with God and urges you to rekindle the romance with the Lover of your soul.



69916: Under Cover: Your Secret Place of Freedom Under Cover: Your Secret Place of Freedom
By John Bevere / Thomas Nelson     

To walk in true spiritual authority, a believer must be submitted to God’s sovereign authority. In this book, John Bevere shows readers how submission to this divine order grants the Kingdom’s provision and protection. This well loved writer effectively uses his personal mistakes to illustrate riveting truths about repentance and forgiveness. As he focuses on the true authority of God, he is careful to explain by example the important difference between “submission” and “obedience.” The same struggle with divine authority is also represented through the lives of John the Baptist, the Apostle Paul, and other biblical figures.



Know Your Role

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