major doctrines: creation

Written by Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. author of the unlikely missionary: from pew-warmer to poverty-fighter. co-author of activist faith: from him and for him. director of family ministry at st. edward's episcopal church. president of fistbump media, llc.

December 14, 2008

This short (3 minutes) video rounds out the full set of lessons that I did on major Christian doctrines for my Systematic Theology class. This was a fun series for me to work on, and to discuss with many of you! This last video in this series is on “creation”. In it I talk a little bit about the idea and purpose of God’s creation. This is an important doctrine when trying to understand our place in this world. Check it out, and let me know what you think…

Check out all of the videos on the playlist on YouTube.


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major doctrines: creation

by Dan King time to read: 1 min