[serialposts]Summer is only one flip of the calendar page away, and you know what that means: beach days, icy lemonade, water fun, and mission trips.

Churches everywhere are preparing to send teams of people out on summer mission trips, and for the month of May, the SERVE column here at BibleDude.net will highlight missiony (yes, a totally made up word) topics.

This series will dabble on topics related to both long-term and short-term missions.

Upcoming posts include the following:

-What’s the Long-Term Impact of Short-Term Mission Trips?

-Six Ways to Ruin a Mission Trip

-Five Ways to Keep Your Mission Supporters Involved in the Mission

-I’m Home, Now What?

Since we are looking for expert advice, I have been scouring the internet for smarties on mission related topics, and guess what? I found a few (with the word few meaning a whole crazy load) of missionaries out in the world shaking it up for God.

As I read the blogs below, I sucked into their stories. Peek around. You will find yourself engrossed too. You may discover yourself pouring over inspiring pictures and new places, and you may just ignore your kids for an entire evening. You know, hypothetically speaking, of course.

On to the links from some long-term missionaries:

Join us this month each Thursday as we delve into the topic of serving through missions.

Tell us about your favorite missionary or missionary family. Feel free to leave links. We want to visit them. Have you ever been on a mission trip or spent time as a missionary? Let’s hear it!

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may = month of missions

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