music monday: agnew+st.james, our great god

Written by Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. author of the unlikely missionary: from pew-warmer to poverty-fighter. co-author of activist faith: from him and for him. director of family ministry at st. edward's episcopal church. president of fistbump media, llc.

March 2, 2009

This is one of my favorites from the Gospel Music Channel. They have a lot of great live stuff, and sometimes replay individual song performances back as music videos. This one features two great artists, Todd Agnew (I lovehis voice) and Rebecca St. James singing Our Great God

[youtube Me_Zxc0CGYs Video :: Agnew+St.James, Our Great God, Gospel Music Channel]

If you like it, then you can get more of music like this in the music monday section of the BibleDude Store.


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music monday: agnew+st.james, our great god

by Dan King time to read: <1 min