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Written by Nikole Hahn

Nikole Hahn is a recovering perfectionist blogging at "Life Upside Down" at www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com. She is also the publisher of The Relevant Christian Magazine (@TRCMagazine). She is a member of Word Weavers International, a book reviewer, writer, and coffee addict.

July 5, 2011

conversation, debate, talking, bible

Someone once advised me to ask questions when approaching an unbeliever. Soul Pancake gives Christians the chance to ask questions. I stumbled onto Soul Pancake via Facebook. It’s a strange name that causes cravings for Lone Spur’s short stack. Your questions won’t be shut down by the moderator, but as I replied to some of the comments I certainly felt surrounded by the Enemy.

It’s a place littered with liberals and non-believers (or questionable believers with soft theology and Universalists preaching no hell). By Monday morning the question: Is Marriage Relevant? (with a link back to our conversation on marriage) received close to sixty responses; the question: Do You Filter the Bible Through Your Emotions, Closing Your Eyes to the Verses That Are Too Hard? received 73 responses; and this morning, Why Do You Follow Christ? has 11 responses in less than thirty minutes. Most of the debate stayed friendly. That’s unusual anymore with our government encouraging Republicans and Democrats to hate each other and dividing families by drawing a political and religious line in the sand (And don’t get me started on Westboro!). Soul Pancake is addicting especially close to midnight.

I would love to give non-believers the answers that might sooth their festering wounds. Some of the questions became difficult or nonsensical. Some of them asked the same questions using different words in order to trip me up. Here are a few of their answers:

Is Marriage Relevant?

@stinkyhenry: No, not when you are up in age and have something to leave to your kids. Marriage dilutes your worth and your children will get less as heirs.

@Zombieali: I think that in the Bible, marriage is associated with the family system, which is how you see the relationship with the divine and humanity explained a lot. “His children”, “our father”, and “the bridegroom” is an extension of that. Obviously, people now are like “lol, sex with Jesus?”, but I think marriage in the Bible’s terms is more of a combining of one family to another; ourselves with the divine. Marriage now doesn’t nearly have the same meaning as it use to.

@jrgiddens: Am I the only one with this reaction?….Why couldn’t you be God’s husband? Biblically speaking women are portrayed as subhuman. This appears to further that portrayal, that the man is God, you are a thing of his possession and you must be completely obedient. But don’t worry, it’s only because he loves you and knows best.

Do You Filter the Bible Through Your Emotions, Closing Your Eyes to the Verses That Are Too Hard?

@SaveAmerica: I would say that if we allow God to define reality for us then we are in denial of reality. American Christians have less to fear from the persecution of others than they do from the persecution of others in the name of their God..

Why Do You Follow Christ?

@stinkyhenry: To see Christ in Baha’u’llah, one must have eyes willing to see and ears willing to hear. And be one of the Bridesmaids with OIL in her lamp.

@BruceDLimber: I’m not: I’m endeavoring to follow Baha’u’llah. But that said, I greatly respect and revere both Christ and the Bible, as do all Baha’is!

Soul Pancake is an excellent opportunity for us to get involved, ask questions, and tackle unbelief with a hug and a serving of truth. If you choose to join me in this battle over souls, please friend me on Soul Pancake. I could use more Christian soldiers here. Dan King also has a profile on Soul Pancake.

And who or what is Baha’is????




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order up some soul pancakes!

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