We’ve been attending a tiny church in a local trailer park.

It’s one of those classic situations where you think you are there to serve others, and you walk away feeling served to by them.

There aren’t greeters or ushers or enough chairs. When it’s time to gather the offering, wicker baskets are handed to random, front row dwellers.

Before the service begins, someone turns on an old overhead projector which sits on the floor, and blurry typed-out words appear on the wall. The whole church sings, and I’m pretty sure our singing sounds terrible. Then, the outreach director/children’s ministry coordinator/worship leader (how does one person do so much?) takes the kids into an adjoining room.

The singing is over, and the overhead projector clicks off. A tiny internal fan continues to hum, and for some reason, I think that old overhead projector makes Jesus smile.


Maybe it’s because the goal of overhead projectors is to help everyone see. To make the words accessible to all: the single mom and her newborn baby, the tweens who show up because they heard about free slushies, the quiet boy with blue-green eyes, the grandma who brought a dish to pass, and those young kids who walk in without parents.

Maybe it’s because the projector is a symbol of simpler days. When people just needed the words to sing, days before all the pizzazz.

Maybe I think the old projector makes Jesus smile because if He looked down, He would see people from all kinds of places leaning in and leaning together to catch a glimpse of Him. 

Your turn. Tell me what odd objects you think make Jesus smile.

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overhead projectors make Jesus smile

by Amy L. Sullivan time to read: 1 min