poetry [compassion]: compassion through life

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July 14, 2009

by Carol Dee Meeks


apostle peterPerhaps Peter was as normal as we.
He often lost sight of God’s purpose and goals
for following God brings persecution and misery.
It’s hard work soothing out His Holy molds.

As Peter watched the Servant wash the Twelve’s feet
he thought it as slavery, an uncomfortable feat.
But then he learned we work together
for common good. In all seasons’ weather
we do what we should, we do as God would.

By our attitudes, we help believers – believe
and live in harmony, not discord’s bad seed.
Sympathy for others is our way of life
not just for family or husband or wife.

Brotherly love with kindheartedness, we learn as we go;
sensitive, affectionate, with care from our soul,
rejoice in successes or cry when in pain,
we become humble in spirit as we take on Christ’s name.

These feelings don’t come naturally
but the Holy Spirit opens the door
and changes us from what we were formerly;
cleanses us, softens us, as Jesus’ downpour.

We pray for those who’ve hurt us
as Jesus did each day
then His blessings are on their way.


About the author:

Carol Dee Meeks is the 2008 Oklahoma Honor Scroll Award winner at Amy Kitchener’s Angels Wings Foundation.  She is retired.


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poetry [compassion]: compassion through life

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