poetry [compassion]: concept of compassion

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July 15, 2009

by The Bible and Jonathan Janssen



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jonathan janssenJonathan Janssen is 31 years old and just graduated with his BA in English from California State University Baskersfield. He has been happily married for five years and both he and his wife work with special needs kids at local high schools. He writes all types of things, mainly plays, and has lately been experimenting with new ways to write.


  1. Aarondavidt7

    Hello, Im not sure i understand the statement. Can you please message me on facebook and let me know what this means and also tell me about this site… the high calling? is this based upon religious principle? please find me on facebook. aarondavidt7@yahoo.com aaron thompson

    • @bibledude

      Aaron… This was a reader-submitted piece for a project that we did for creative writing on the topic of compassion. So I can’t really speak to the intent of the person who wrote it.

      Regarding The High Calling… Yes, it it based on Christian principles. I serve there as their Social Media Editor, but long before that I’ve found it to be a place where I’ve been able to build great connections with other Christian, many whom I’ve met in real life since. Let me know if you have other specific questions about them… I’d be happy to answer anything else that I can.

      Thanks for stopping by! I see that you’ve also connected with us on Facebook and are joining the discussion there too. Let me know if there is anything that we can do for you!


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poetry [compassion]: concept of compassion

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