Free us to let go of the world that is fading away and to cling only to you.

As I read this chapter I thought about an hourglass – our lives here on earth are similar to that old fashioned timer – the top isn’t getting any fuller, it’s only getting smaller. Our time here on earth is shorter and shorter every second. And yet we spend most of it chasing dreams. Chasing aspirations. Constantly looking for something bigger and better than what we have now. A bigger house. A newer car. An award for our outstanding volunteerism. Anything that shows the world how great we are. As we get older, we chase it even more. Our days are numbered. If we’re not successful now, we may die and never taste the sweetness of success.

Or maybe we’re convinced that it’s too late. We’ll never reach our dreams. The good years of our lives are behind us, so what’s the point? We’ll never be successful, so we might as well have a darn good time while we’re here on earth. We create our bucket lists – all those things we want to do before its too late – and we spend all our time working to complete it.

Whichever way we choose, we’re still looking towards the finish line. We’re constantly running a race that we just can’t finish! We can’t find the end – no matter how hard we try or how fast we run.

Boyd reminds us that there is another way. There’s a way to truly LIVE the life that we’re in and it doesn’t have to exhaust us or wear us out. In fact, it energizes us, renews us, and refreshes us! When we stop the race to practice the presence of Jesus – to become awake to God’s presence in our lives – we’re reminded that none of the things of this life really matter anyway. We are already successful. We are already worthwhile. We are already loved – unconditionally.

Our past is behind us. God holds our futures in the palm of his hand. It is only this moment that we have before us. And in this moment, God waits with us. God patiently, and quietly, says to us,

Be still.

Don’t worry.

Rest in me.

Let it all go.

Receive my love.




[present perfect] chapter 3: chasing the sun

by Crystal Rowe time to read: 2 min