Autopilot, cruise control, and preprogramming are generally useful things. Autopilot flies planes more safely, cruise control makes your car go without any effort on your part and preprogramming can be a lifesaver when it comes to changing the radio station in your car. It can also enslave you, your mind and your soul.

This chapter details just how dependant we can be on autopilot, to the extent of literally becoming its slave. A brief comparison is made to The Matrix, a film in which the entire human race is enslaved by mind control. The only way people are able to break free of The Matrix is to see it for themselves; after this they are forever changed by the knowledge that they were simply a slave.

It is much the same for us as Christians; except for instead of The Matrix it is our flesh that we are often enslaved to. It is only when we view our fleshly autopilot that we become aware of how much of a hold it has, and it is only then that we are able to free ourselves from it. The importance of knowing the difference between simply having information (for example, knowing that God is present everywhere) and actually being single-mindedly focused on God and therefore actually BEING in his presence is something that is stressed in this chapter. Single-minded is defined here as not simply thinking about one specific thing all day every day, it is defined simply as including one thing on our mind every day. In this case, that one thing is God. In becoming single-minded we become aware of the autopilot and realize how detrimental it is to us. Once aware, the flesh-mindset garbage can be taken to God and he will dispose of it. It will then have no hold over your mind/spirit/soul and you will be free to live in God’s presence.

“The very act of observing our autopilot in the light of God’s love turns it off.” It no longer has any power to define us. Instead, we are, in that moment, defined by the love of God.”



[present perfect] chapter 4: single-mindedness

by Joshua Gillies time to read: 2 min