I saw a comment on the company’s intranet website recently by a Muslim inquiring about observing prayer times. It made me think a bit about religious practices at work.

Several years ago I ran into a co-worker at a Christian bookstore. We both stood there for a moment looking confused at each other, and saying, “I didn’t know you were the kind of person that shops in a place like this.” We both resolved right then that we needed to make sure we were Christians first, no matter what the environment required us to do.

But what does that look like? Should we be having prayer meetings in the break room? Should we be directly evangelizing to every one in the building non-stop?

I don’t know that being a Christian in the workplace necessarily means that you have to get the tattoo on your forehead telling everyone around you what you believe.

However, I do know that it means that my spiritual practices as a Christian should not stop when I swipe my badge at the front door to the office. Just like my Muslim co-workers keeping their prayer times, I need to keep my practices active.

It means praying regularly. A funny thing happens when I stop for a minute or two during the day to pray while I’m at work. I pray for my co-workers. I know that I could easily be more intentional when praying for them while at home during quiet/devotional times, but it never seems as fresh as it is when I just get off a conference call with them and offer up a prayer for something that they’re going through.

It also means, wait for it… reading the Bible. I always have a Bible open on my desk. And sometimes over lunch, or while taking a quick break, I’ll read a few verses. It’s amazing how it helps me keep my mind right, and oftentimes I find just the right wisdom that I need for that project that I’m working on. And the version that I have on my desk is the (John) Maxwell Leadership Bible. I love how the extra notes and commentary in it focus on making me a better leader.

I definitely feel like keeping these practices going at work helps me to keep a strong Biblical Christian worldview in the workplace, a place where it’s easily lost in everyday, non-spiritual grind.

Do you keep certain spiritual practices at work? If so, then which ones? If not, then why not?

do you read the bible at work?

by Dan King time to read: 2 min