What are my hobbies? Easy.



Bustling adventures in the city. Think getting lost on the subway.

Quiet weekends in the mountains. Think getting lost in the silence.

Listening to new music in new places.

Laughing with old friends about old times.

Oh, and serving (see how I tacked that one on the end like that?).

Serving made my hobby list and that’s good (sort of) because that means serving others is a part of my life (you know, like a hobby is a part of my life). See, scuba diving when you go on vacation is a hobby, but craving scuba diving so much that you move to an island just so you can dive, well, that’s a lifestyle.

I serve others like I participate in my hobbies: as often as I can, when I can, and when life gets too busy, I push service to the side. If work gets a little hectic, I certainly can’t lead a life of service.

Or so I think.

My friend, Sam, houses wayward teens like some people house stray animals. There is always someone new at Sam’s house, and that new person arrives with little more than their story. When I ask Sam if she worries about the teens who stay with her or how those teens impact Sam’s own kids, she quickly shakes her head no.

Sam sees a need, and she meets it. No over thinking. No praying over it for years. No waiting for signs. She has something to give; it’s a consistent life in a simple home.

Scuba diving on the island during vacation isn’t enough for Sam. She craved the lifestyle, and she’s got it.

Your turn. I’d love for you to share about your hobbies and if you are hoping to turn any of them into a lifestyle. Go!



serving others: lifestyle vs. hobby

by Amy L. Sullivan time to read: 2 min