Seven from ’07

Written by Dan King

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December 3, 2007

As I look back upon this year I cannot help but to think about how much I have grown as a writer and a blogger. This makes me think also about all of the growth that I have seen in other bloggers that I admire, so I want to highlight seven blogs in seven differnet categories, and then challenge some others to do the same.

The rules of this meme are simple.
(1) Link back to Dan at management by God and as the originator of this meme, and to the person that tagged you with it.
(2) Pick one blog for each of the seven categories listed below. It is okay if others have selected the same blog for the same or different reasons. Just pick what your personal favorites are for each of the categories, link to their site, and briefly explain why you selected them.
(3) Pick three other bloggers to pass this on to. I can be people that you’ve seleccted or not, but they are three people that you would like to see which sites they select.

So, as I look back on 2007, my favorite blogs in the seven selected categories are:

The blog that most challenges me:
Casey’s Critical Thinking challenges my thinking more than most others. Casey has a way of staying on top of timely issues, and presenting perspectives from a strong Biblical worldview.

The blog that most inspires me:
I’m not sure exactly what it is with this blog, but it inspires the heck out of me. It is a very raw, real, and relevant Christian blog, and I like the edge. I like to think of Christianity as being a cutting-edge thing, and I guess this site reinforces that for me.

The most creative blog:
Guerrilla Evangelism is by far one of the most creative Christian bloggers that I am aware of. The site uses creative photography to deliver a very clear message. If you haven’t seen this site, you are missing out.

The most heartfelt blog:
The Proverbs 31 Woman WannaBe is a great site that regularly deals with the emotions that many of us have, but rarely express. I know that for Shalene, 2007 has had some great highs as well as some very personal lows. Through it all, she has remained a wonderful example of Christian blogging.

The blog with the most useful information:
Prudent Musings is always posting great information that I find myself using in conversations regularly, and links to resources that I find my self using to improve myself and my blog.

The blog that interprets the Word the best:
Just the WORD — Please! shares the Word, just the Word, and nothing but the Word! This blog provides interesting, and useful commentary on the Word, and has become a favorite bookmark and study tool.

The blog I most look forward to reading more of in 2008:
Joie de Vivre has recently become one of my favorite blogs. I regularly find the discussions there very relevant, though-provoking, and interesting. Ike has done a great job in putting together a great site, and keeping it flowing nicely. Shalom, Ike! 


Well, that is my seven from ’07. I’d like to pass on the responsibility to share “seven from ’07” to the three following bloggers…
(1) Ike at
(2) Shalene at
(3) Julie at

God bless, and I look forward to seeing what you all share in each of these categories. If there is anyone that would like to start a new thread of this meme, then just let me know in the comments below.

If you share with me that you’ve posted your “seven from ’07”, then I will tally the sites the best that I can and publish a the “Best of ’07” from everyones selections as we approach the new year, and will award the best from each category a “best of ’07” banner that they can proudly display on their site.




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Seven from ’07

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