It has been a while since I was tagged with this meme by Marlo from Joyful Christian Wife, but I still wanted to respond in order to keep this thing going. I think that memes like this are an interesting way to get to know each other, so I am always happy to participate, and pass them on.

Holding HandsThe rules for this meme are: (1) Link to the person that tagged you. (2) Post the rules on your blog. (3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

My six things…

  1. After being one who had always preferred long hair (for myself), I now wear my hear shorter than it ever was when I was in the U.S. Marine Corps.
  2. I have a serious addiction to Starbuck’s Venti Nonfat Chai Latte. Fortunately, I have a friend that works there who occasionally hooks me up with a free one.
  3. I have a passion for finding a cure for Juvenille (Type 1) Diabetes. Since my son was diagnosed at 17-months old, we do the Walk To Cure Diabetes every year. Check out our videos at our YouTube channel.
  4. I am collecting the state quarters. I’m not sure why, because I’m not much of a “collector”. But, for some reason, I have been diligent in checking every quarter I get to see if it is one of the new ones.
  5. I secretly wish that I was Dwight Howard (who happens to be a very strong Christian).
  6. I recently sat down with a few friends and watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy with the extended version DVDs (over 12 hours of movies) back-to-back. And all I can say is “WOW”!

Who I am tagging…

  • Julie at A Joyful Life
  • Lance at Lance’s Soul Searching
  • Nathan at Not Typically Christian
  • Pastor Steve at reformissionary
  • Ron at Least of My Brothers
  • Carl at

Enjoy, and God bless!


six non-important things

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