For those that know me, you probably know that I love to study the Word of God and study what other great minds have to say about it. There are many great authors (ancient and modern) that have helped to shape my understanding of the Holy Scriptures, and how I wrap my life around them.

Too often today people are always looking for the latest thing, and trying to find someone to validate their position. It is like dieting. It is common to see people find a new fad diet based on what is “easiest” for them, or what worked for their friends. The problem with this mentality is that too often these fad diets are simply quick fixes and when they work, do not often create the long-lasting beahviors that it takes to keep the weight off. Nothing works better than just eating right and exercising, which just does not always fit easily into our busy lifestyles.

Well I think that the same thing applies to the Word of God. Nothing is better than a straight dose of the Word itself, but the best perspectives on it are the tried and true ones that have been around for a long time. It is not the latest fad that is going to always bring you the greatest impact on your Spritual Health, but the perspectives that have endured the test of time. There is a reason that they’ve endurred the test of time; it’s because they work…   consistently.

Twenty Things You Should Read is a great way to get some of the most important perspectives that have endured the test of time, and every follower of Christ should find this to be a valuable resource.


305958: Twenty Things You Should Read Twenty Things You Should Read
By David Edwards, Margaret Feinberg & Griggs Janella / Tyndale House     

Listen to the voices of past Christian giants; they lived their lives in different times, but their themes and stories remain inspirational and necessary. Containing an introduction and writings to twenty of the most influential Christian writers, you’ll see the relevance and beauty of their works. Authors such as St. Augustine, Thomas ‘a Kempis, Charles Wesley, George Whitfield, Calvin, Luther, Moody, Madame Guyon and others are featured. Side notes and commentary add additional clarity. 193 pages, softcover.

Staying Healthy

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