When I ordered my copy of The Word of Promise’s The Gift of Psalms I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a resource that I will use over and over again for a long time to come!

psalmsThe Gift of Psalms is a devotional style book that comes with 30 of the 50 Psalm readings and devotions also on audio CD. This book and CD set is not only a great devotional, but also a good commentary and study on the Psalms, and a tool that can enhance your times of worship. On the audio CD, the Psalms are read by many popular personalities such as Richard Dreyfuss, Gary Sinise, and Marcia Gay Harden.

The devotions are well grounded by being rooted in solid Bible interpretation. Each one focuses on realistic application of the Psalm study into our everyday lives. As a training development guy myself, I can appreciate how being able to read and listen to these Psalms and devotions either separately or at the same time greatly enhances the learning experience.

The Psalms are unquestionably the most emotional and most loved passages of all of the Scriptures. Through these writings one can learn very much about the heart of God, and the heart of a true worshipper. This collection of “the best loved Psalms” is a good one that will touch your heart, mind, and spirit.

I’ve never been that much into devotional books, but this one has been very different. I regularly sit in my ‘quiet place’ pop on a track or two from the CDs on my MP3 player, and read along in the book. These times have been some of the most personal and intimate times of worship with my Savior that I have experienced in a long time! I have found myself regularly looking forward to getting back into them and even enjoy doing many over and over again! The Gift of Psalms, I believe, should be an important part of every Christian’s devotional collection!


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the gift of psalms

by Dan King time to read: 2 min