[the #haiti diaries] through vivian’s eyes

Written by Vivian Linder

I'm a homeschooler who loves loves loves to travel and learn about other cultures, and I had an AMAZING time in Haiti!

August 31, 2010


  1. A Simple Country Girl

    Look at the monochrome of the tent city compared to the other photos with splashes of bright color. I am sure it is akin to what you all did there–brought glimpses of His shining love into dark places, giving people reasons to smile. And hope.


  2. @bibledude

    Vivian really captured some cool perspectives down in #Haiti, and she had many others in addition to these that show some of the faces that we made smile. I’m definitely going to share more of those posts in the coming weeks too!

    Thanks for coming by and checking these out!

  3. Guest

    Although a noble effort, Vivian failed to capture the sheer violence that is sparked by so-called Christians in Haiti. There have been countless attacks of Voodooists by recently converted Christians, causing many unneeded deaths. Voodooism is Haiti’s prime religion. And contrary to popular belief, Voodooism is a pacifist religion which lacks the bloody wars that Christianity has ignited (not to mention Voodooism has been around way longer than Christianity). Over 2,000 Haitians have been needlessly killed by Christian hate crimes directed at the Voodooists, yet Voodooism is still the majority religion by over 70%. There are only 2% Christians. Not a single Voodooist has shown any acts of violence against missionaries, and actually, most of them have been kind to them. It disgusts me at how Christians are so blatantly advocating (even if they don’t realize it) and provoking violence in such a weak target of a nation. And the worst thing? How they call a trip to destroy a balanced system of religion in an unstable country a “mission” and claiming it saves people.

    • @bibledude

      This is a brave comment from someone who chooses to remain anonymous. I’m not much of a fan of coming into someone else’s house and bashing them without even identifying yourself. And since this ‘commenter’ even left a fake email address, there’s no way that they’ll ever see my response unless they are brave enough to actually come back.

      But for my usual readers, I’m sure that you know that I (and this missions team to Haiti) operate completely out of love, respect, and compassion for the people of Haiti. If there is in fact violence sparked by ‘so-called Christians’, then I would question whether they are authentic Christians anyway.

      I also know that there were local Haitians who looked at us and made some inappropriate and violent gestures… so I question the validity of a statement that ‘not a single voodooist has shown any act of violence against missionaries.’

      Regardless of the anonymous lies (and hate) that some insist on spreading here, I still ask the God of Heaven and Earth to bless the people of Haiti in every way. Lord, may they ALL see the great love that you displayed on the cross for all of humanity. Thank you Jesus!

      • Victoria


      • Guest

        It may sound like hate, but any way you put it, it’s physical facts and truth. I fail to see your counter argument. Search news, google, anything for voodoo hate crimes. Nothing shows up. You may encounter ritual sacrifices of their own, but all of that is performed willingly (and by extremists, nonetheless).

      • @bibledude

        Wow… I’m surprised that you came back! And I don’t know that I’m trying to make a counter-argument, but just to state my experience. I’m not saying that voodoo is full of hate crimes. In fact, I’m not really saying anything about voodoo anywhere on this website. I’m only talking about how we shared the Love that is associated with True Christianity… and not the ‘extremists’ that also exist in Christianity… who also, by the way, do not represent what authentic Christianity is all about. Jesus preached ‘love even your enemy’… so anyone who does something contrary to that isn’t following the Message of Christ.

        I think what bothered me about your original comment was that you were criticizing Vivian’s photography without cause. She was there pouring out nothing but unconditional love on the people of Haiti…


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[the #haiti diaries] through vivian’s eyes

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