[the idea camp] opening session

Written by Dan King

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August 28, 2009

The Idea Camp D.C.

Who: Marta Urquilla (Corporation for National & Community Service), Blair Burns (IJM), Holly Burkhalter (IJM), Mark Batterson (National Community Church), Dave Ferguson (New Thing Network)

Marta Urquilla: The White House is looking to the faith community to step up to be a part of the solution in several areas including community, recovery, and family. She encourages the church to seek out the opportunities in our communities.

bibledude: There is an opportunity (based on great needs) for the church to take the lead in our communities. This has been a hot-button for me lately… If the church wants to see a change in our culture, then we need to be that change! Too often the church does nothing and turns around to complain at the direction things are going. What Marta shared reminded me that we need to look for the opportunities, and (I believe) we need to break out of our Christian bubble to impact our world!

IJM @ The Idea Camp D.C.Blair Burns and Holly Burkhalter: On the issue of slavery… A person who is made in the image of God is not meant to be owned by another person. Slaves are often raped, beaten and utterly degraded. What can people do? The U. S. government needs to hear from people like us on issues of human injustices around the world. It only takes 10 phone calls to a Congressman to make an issue a big deal.

bibledude: If one church in each Congressional district called their Congressman about the issues that are important to them, then we can affect great changes all around the world! Dude! Why isn’t the church on the phone more often?

Mark Batterson and Dave Ferguson: Some powerful things to consider… How do we take the creative thoughts that we have captive and use them for Jesus? If your church was gone tomorrow, would your community notice? The church has the greatest volunteer force ever… If we could get the people in the church to dream missionally, then we could have a major impact. It is more important to go on one mission trip than to listen to 100 sermons… this helps people experience the heart of God! Leaders should celebrate and recognize when people live the behavior that they want to see.

bibledude: Lately I’ve seen people in our church explode with excitement as we have stepped more into a missional mindset in our own community! I love the idea that they shared about making our whole lives missional. It just seems that this is the life that Christians were supposed to live… every part of our being should be bursting the Gospel! Amen!


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[the idea camp] opening session

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