The title of Karen Spears Zacharias‘ latest book is enough to get your attention right away… Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? (‘Cause I need more room for my plasma TV). Special contributor Kelly Wilson wrote an awesome review on the book, and I had the opportunity to talk to Karen on Skype about it.

What I’ve discovered is a woman who has been transformed by the Gospel of Jesus, and who’s heart beats to see others transformed by the truth.

Her book deals a great deal with the issues of greed and prosperity that have infiltrated the church. I don’t think that either one of us (Karen or I) would say that there is a problem with money itself, but greed and the love of money has certainly affected the power of the True Gospel.

Check out what Karen had to say when I asked her about the book, the prosperity gospel, and being burned by false teaching.

[youtube p8uF-EYooiE nolink]


Note: This video was recorded using VodBurner for Skype.

the truth about prosperity [an interview with karen spears zacharias]

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