@theideacamp slavery week wrap-up [#ICSEX]

Written by Dan King

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September 12, 2010

Most people don’t like to think about this sort of thing. And those that are confronted with it are usually outraged, but often don’t know what they can do to help. The truth is that human trafficking and sex slavery is probably happening within a couple of miles of where you live, right now.

This week was SLAVERY WEEK, the fifth of the six-week series of discussions on various sex-related topics. The contributing bloggers this week shared stories, perspectives, and prompted discussions that none of us should leave here. Something must be done…

Here’s a quick recap of the posts that we saw come in this week:

  • They Have Been Bought with a Price
    Karyn Puller shares some information on how big the problem with sex trafficking really is, and brings it close to home by asking, “what if it was my own child?”.
  • The Story of Human Trafficking…..Living In Slavery
    Karyn Puller tells a story from the perspective of a victim about a life stuck inside sex slavery. It’s interesting to consider what victims must be thinking and feeling.
  • #ICSEX: Slavery week – 146
    Seiji Yamashita shares the powerful story about how the ministry of Love 146 got started. It’s a story that should move you to compassion for the victims, and probably outrage you at the same time. Definitely a must-see video…
  • In My Backyard
    Nicole Wick googles ‘sex trafficking’ and ‘Detroit’. What she finds is pretty disturbing. She explores what living with sex trafficking in her own backyard feels like, and asks why we are so unaware of how close to home this issue is.
  • here comes the [mail-order] bride trafficking
    Dan King (that’s me) looks at human trafficking from a different perspective. Often we think of those who are forced into prostitution, but there are thousands of women from poor nations who are ‘bought’ to be wives in the richer Western nations through the legal mail-order bride business. Is that human trafficking?
  • Start an Underground Railroad…or Something.
    Jesse Giglio goes grassroots on us… He challenges people to think about what we all can do to making an impact in the fight against human trafficking by drawing parallels to the Underground Railroad. We must all consider our role in fighting slavery.
  • In Honor of those suffering from human trafficking…
    JoDee Luna shares and discusses a thesis done by her daughter that dives into how the ‘comfort system’ and the military presence in the East helped to develop a sex industry that has grown into something massive. There’s some interesting history in this one!
  • The Church and Slavery
    Suzie Lind digs into the demand-side of the sex slavery and human trafficking issue. In order to save the victims, we must also deal with those that are making this industry such a profitable one. Interesting conversation here about dealing with the roots.
  • Child Sex Trafficking is now a U.S. problem
    Sean Wrench discusses the work that he does with homeless youth, and how he (and all of us can) fight child sex slavery here in the United States. His call is to Christians who, because of the Love of Christ, must be moved by this issue.

Other posts this week not focusing on slavery:

  • Why I Almost Gave Up on Sex
    Charles Lee talks about the things that he’s struggled with regarding the upcoming Idea Camp conference in Las Vegas, and discovers why this conversation is so vitally important in the church today. I’d like to ask that everyone who reads this, please join us in praying for this important event.

Let’s keep this conversation going… Which of these posts impacted you the most? Why? What other perspectives on sex slavery do you think are important to share/consider?

Coming up next: Family – Week beginning Sunday, September 19th
This is where it all starts. All of the discussions up until now end up pointing back to the family in some way. What should a loving relationship in a marriage look like? Where does sex fit in? What’s healthy? What about the kids? When/how do they learn about sex? This conversation will not only focus on what a healthy marriage looks like, but what healthy discussion about sex in a family sounds like. If you’re interested in participating in this conversation, then let us know in the comments or contact @bibledude on Twitter.

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@theideacamp slavery week wrap-up [#ICSEX]

by Dan King time to read: 4 min