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[the africa diaries] day thirteen: our last classes

Our last day of teaching ended up being one of the hardest days for me on this trip for several reasons. Some of it was related to the obvious realization that our time was nearly up on this incredible journey. While I was anxious to get home to my family, there was...

[the africa diaries] day twelve: teaching in uganda

You've probably never heard of Rwesande. In fact, you won't even find it on a Google Map. It's in the area of Kasese up in the Rwenzori Mountains. Based on the roads that we took to get out there, I'm not surprised that I can't find this place on a Google Map. But...

[the africa diaries] day eleven: a walk in the clouds

Her story rocked me, and still hits me hard today. But more than her story, it was her attitude and resilience that stood out most. Getting out to meet the clients is exciting because we get to meet them where they work. This part of the trip in Kenya was pretty eye...

[the africa diaries] day ten: the road to kasese

It was a beautiful morning waking up in Kampala! Wow... It feels weird saying that even now. It was (and still is) hard to believe that I was there. The day was fresh, and I was anticipating some cool experiences as we made a few stops and hit the road for our...

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