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Written by Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. author of the unlikely missionary: from pew-warmer to poverty-fighter. co-author of activist faith: from him and for him. director of family ministry at st. edward's episcopal church. president of fistbump media, llc.

April 18, 2007

What is bigger than the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment? I believe that this generation will see a revolution of it’s own that will make these movements look like child’s play. Look at the world around you, and think about it…

  • Democracy of today faces many challenges and has become a reason for separation, rather than a common ground where different ideas can be heard.
  • The church is under attack, and is often ridiculed as being an outdated way of life that is only for “needy” people.
  • Economies (including ours in the United States) continue to create greater gaps between the “haves” and the “have-nots”, creating a breeding ground for socialist/communist systems to emerge.
  • An attitude of apathy has taken over society (inside and outside of the church), creating a world where people are quick to sympathize, but do little to actually change things.

The emerging generations are growing up in an on-demand world, and changes in technologies and communications are changing how people connect and relate to each other. The systems of the world today are at a breaking point, and the environment is in such a state that new ways of doing things are creating an environment that is ripe for a new, great reformation.

[youtube RhY5k_5WPCA video: MC Lars – iGeneration]

I read an interesting article recently that attempts to start a manifesto for this revolution, but also begs the emergent generation to pick it up and complete it. One thing that I found really interesting is that it was written by a Baby-Boomer who even recognizes how they created a world where this kind of revolution is necessary. Check out the full article at…

The iGen Manifesto

I challenge you to ask yourself not whether you participate in making this revolution happen, but what your role is in it. When Jesus returned to Heaven, he left 11 men behind who turned the world upside-down with the message of their Lord. When you look at the world that we’ve created, don’t you think that it is time to shake it up again? Jesus saw something that He didn’t like, and He tossed the tables over. What tables can you overturn today that grieve the heart of God?


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UR part of it

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