wednesday trendsday [google trends #5]

Written by Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. author of the unlikely missionary: from pew-warmer to poverty-fighter. co-author of activist faith: from him and for him. director of family ministry at st. edward's episcopal church. president of fistbump media, llc.

November 16, 2010

Bloggers have a way of communicating and sharing very honest, real, and sometimes raw perspectives on things. Sometimes though, we struggle finding what we should be talking about.

That’s one of the many reasons I love to do this exercise. When I look at trending topics, they’re filled with things that people are already talking about.

But what does my world view have to say about them? How can I be a part of the conversation on something that people are talking about?

Watching at the trends (from Google, Twitter, or anywhere else) and writing on what I see is ‘exercise’ enough, but I also like to force myself to get to the point. Therefore, I limit the number of words I use to share these thoughts.

If you’re a blogger, then consider letting yourself be stretched a little bit. You’ll grow as a blogger. I promise.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a topic from the top 20 Hot Searches list at Google Trends.
  2. Write a post at your blog not to exceed 250 words (to be posted on Wednesday).
  3. Share the link to your post below using the Simply Linked widget.
  4. Leave a comment here about what you learned most from this challenge.

Even if you’re not a blogger, then check out the cool posts that others submit here. There should be some pretty interesting conversations brewing!


  1. amber

    thanks for the reminder!!! i had fun with this week’s topic: national unfriend day 🙂

    • @bibledude

      it looks like a few of us had the same idea on which topic to talk about! but that’s great! I love the different perspectives! i went a little against the grain though… wondering what people will think about my take on it…

  2. Tom Jamieson

    yup I’m in! just posted it….

    • @bibledude

      sweet! i love it when @pastortomjam gets in on the action! that’s a great video on your post..

      thanks for participating again!

  3. Seiji Yamashita

    So mine is a little different…. ok a lot different. Haven’t really been able to get my head out of this place all day though so it’s really all I got :-p


    • @bibledude

      I love it Seiji! I appreciate that you shared your heart, and that this little challenge stirred up something authentic in you… GREAT stuff dude!


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wednesday trendsday [google trends #5]

by Dan King time to read: 1 min