This image stirs up so many thoughts for me… and feelings… and questions…

Where do I start?

Maybe with the fact that I get cold just looking at a picture with that much snow in it. There’s no question that it’s wintertime. I live in Florida, and it’s cold here right now. There was actually frost on my windshield this morning, but it doesn’t compare to the coldness that I feel looking at the white snow and dark(ish) sky in this photo.

What about the fact that the tree is in the place of this person’s head? It makes me sad when I see that it’s a lifeless-looking tree.

Or maybe it’s not lifeless, but just dormant… ready to Spring forth with Life after a time of rest and retreat.

But pondering the symbolism of the tree-head of the person in this photo made me really think about what it is that any of us are reflecting. What if each of us were to hold up a mirror in front of our faces?

What would other people see?

Because the funny thing about reflections is that they reflect what they’re looking at.

So would people see your problems? Your pain? The things that you’re battling?

Or would they see the Light?

What are we looking at? What are we reflecting?

This was another wednesday trendsday post.

what are you reflecting?

by Dan King time to read: 1 min