If God gave you the ability to instantly change one thing in the contemporary church what would it be?

Now when you answer the question think about the word church.  It could refer to your local church group, your denomination, your church community, the North American church, the Asian church, etc.

Most churches are different and have strengths and weaknesses.

But many church “groups” have stereotypes and stereotypes are not wholly true, but contain some truth.

So what would you change?

It could be anything… attitudes toward people or God, the way money is spent, worship, actions, etc.

If God gave me this ability I would change the self-centeredness of the church.

Now, in context, I live in North America – particularly in the U.S.A.  – where life in general is narcissistic.

The problem I see is that there is little to no difference in the church.  For the most part many people live their lives the same and spend their money the same as the secular world.

O.K. , O.K. people might give up an hour or two on Sunday morning and give up to 10% of their income (maybe, probably less) to their local church – but what else is different?

It seems that most people are busy with their own lives.  The church itself seems busy with its own entity.

Yes, I think this is what I would change.

What would you change?

what would you change?

by Mark Lafler time to read: 1 min