book review, when Beauty pursues youI’m not even sure that she understands me now when I tell her how beautiful she is. She’s only 14-months old, but I’ve been telling it to her since the very day she was born. I guess I could stop and wait until I know she can not only understand what I’m saying, but also appreciate what it means.

Or I can tell her how incredibly beautiful she is every day.




When I read when Beauty pursues you by Elora Ramirez I got a very real glimpse into the heart and mind of a woman who admittedly struggles with her own beauty. The book is about the lack of self-worth that she’s felt all her life, and how she’s learned to embrace the One who has made her Beautiful.

Elora does this by talking about the times in her life when she has felt discouraged because of her struggles with weight, which resulted in turning to food again for comfort only making her problem worse. She also talks about rejecting her husband when he attempted to tell her how amazing and beautiful she is, all the while believing that he must be lying to her.

After all how can someone actually think that she is beautiful?

This is a story about a broken woman who found healing in her Creator. The One who pursues her no matter what. The One who calls her beautiful because He created her, and He’s the one defines what Beauty is.

This isn’t a story about someone else. It’s her own story. It’s a brave look deep inside, and an honest reflection of the torment that one can bring upon themselves when they don’t hear the Truth of what God says about them.

People have said that children often get their perspective of who God is from what their relationship with their father is like. If that’s true, then I want to make sure that my daughter never forgets how captivating she is to me. I want her to never know when I started telling her how much I adore her.

This short book from Elora will likely connect emotionally with a large number of female readers. However, as a husband and the father of a daughter, I’m glad that I’ve spent some time soaking in Elora’s words. I’ll be a better husband and father as a result. And the women in my life will always know how much they are loved.

book review: when Beauty pursues you

by Dan King time to read: 2 min