your love never fails [movie review]

hallmark, movie, family, elisa donovan, tom skerritt

Written by Dan King

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April 24, 2011

hallmark, movie, family, elisa donovan, tom skerritt

We all have to make choices. And our decisions impact every aspect of our lives. The choice to put in extra hours at work in order to get ahead may seem positive as it relates to providing for your family, but what’s the cost of more time away from those you love (and who love you). Some decisions that seem so right may come back to haunt us in ways that we never expected.

When I got a copy of Your Love Never Fails to review, I got a movie that served as a great reminder of what’s most important in life. Check out the trailer…

[youtube cSnQHTNGGss nolink]

In this movie, Laura ends up having to choose between a promising and lucrative career as a New York City banking executive and the husband (and family) that she’s been separated from for six years. It’s funny how being forced to deal with the mess our decisions put us in can make us realize how wrong we’ve been all along.

While not overly preachy, this is a movie that deeply reflects Biblical principles. (Not so) ironically, the pastor (played by John Schneider) preaches a message on the importance of marriage that plays a critical role in the decisions made later in the movie. And one of my favorite lines in the film is made by Schneider when he says, “Don’t forget, the Holy Spirit’s always there to help.”

[Spoiler Alert!] In the end, family wins… as it should. I thought that the movie itself was pretty predictable, but it contains a message that we need to be reminded of regularly. First, when we make decisions that affect family, then family should always win. And second, God should be at the center of what drives those decisions… but it seems that when He is, then the answer will always drive towards family winning.

Oh, and with a soundtrack featuring Jesus Culture… you really can’t go wrong!


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your love never fails [movie review]

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