uganda, orphan, world help, africawh

One of the many highlights of the #AfricaWH blogger trip for me was meeting Jerry. He’s an orphan living at Destiny Villages of Hope in Uganda, thanks to Operation Baby Rescue (a World Help initiative).

After watching this video about his story, I think meeting Jerry was at the top of almost everyone’s list when we arrived at the village…

Jerry will likely never know that our short time together had a profound impact on me. He helped me remember a very important life principle, and he did it in a kind of unexpected way.

He did it through #selfies.

I was holding him, and trying to get a couple good photos with him. After a couple of shots from one of the other team members, I just wasn’t getting the image I wanted. So I thought I’d snap a few #selfies with Jerry. And I’m glad I did.

As I look back through these images, I see his personality popping out unlike any other pictures I have of him.

This kid.

He’s so full of life. He’s so full of spunk. He’s not a sad little orphan with no hope for a future. His attitude helped me put something in perspective…

We all go through junk. And like Jerry, no matter how bad our situation is, we are not defined by it. Our present and our future are what we make of them. So don’t ever let your circumstances get you down. Rather, go be everything God made you to be.

uganda, orphan, world help, africawh

uganda, orphan, world help, africawh

uganda, orphan, world help, africawh

uganda, orphan, world help, africawh

uganda, orphan, world help, africawh

uganda, orphan, world help, africawh

uganda, orphan, world help, africawh

Jerry has hope because someone stepped in and got him into the Baby Rescue Center. It’s a place where he gets the care and education that will change the course of his life forever.

Our team is working to build more Rescue Homes at Destiny Villages of Hope to help them expand beyond their current capacity. Partnering with us to complete these homes means that you are helping us make room for more kids like Jerry.

Will you join us in making room for another orphan, and helping them become who God intended them to be?



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