[12 days of awesomeness] day ten: charles lee

Written by Dan King

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December 22, 2009

Some people are just natural leaders. It probably has to do with their unique abilities to take an idea, shape it, and then shout it from the rooftops that makes people take notice…  and follow.

I first encountered Charles Lee on Twitter. I noticed some mutual friends talking about this crazy new event called The Idea Camp, a project that started with and being run by Charles. The Idea Camp is a new Christian unconference that several people I know seemed to be getting pretty excited about. So I figured that I would have to check out what these guys were up to. I was blown away!

Eventually, I’ve attended (remotely) two of the three Idea Camp conferences that were held in 2009, and have connected with Charles to share ideas with each other. In fact, I actually blogged the entire stream for one of them and plan to bring more of their stuff closer to the BibleDude.net community…

live blogging @theideacamp conference

I have since found Charles Lee‘s blog to be one that is full of great ideas and great questions. This guy is an amazing catalyst for social action in the church today, and this is where much of that discussion starts. I love seeing tweets and blog posts from Charles talking about some of the cool activities that he’s getting himself into. Dude, this guy has a servant’s heart like few others.

If you are a Christian who is into (and we should all be into) social action, then this is a great place to get into the conversation.

Check out the complete list!


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[12 days of awesomeness] day ten: charles lee

by Dan King time to read: 1 min