a culture of forgiveness

Written by Ayomide Akinkugbe

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June 18, 2011

Man on his journey of purpose can sometimes be pictured as a runner in a race. Imagine a runner running with so much weight and load on him and another with nothing. The other with nothing is fit and has a better chance of winning the race.

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,
– Hebrews 12:1

This is the voice of God calling to us (through Apostle Paul) to lay aside every weight and the sin that easily entangles us so we can run well the race that is set before us.

One of the weight or sins I have come to notice that easily entangles is the weight or sin of offence. In our modern day culture, fast and zooming, it is so easy to get offended. Everyone is in a hurry and no one wants to be left behind. People find it easier to point the finger instead of just simply taking up responsibility for their mistakes. They are waiting to lash out at anyone who messes up their way.

I’m sure you might be nodding right now thinking of those who have hurt you one way or the other but what about you? In what ways are you meant to be extending mercy and grace that you aren’t? In what ways are you meant to be laying down the heavy load of un-forgiveness that you aren’t?

Listen up people; we can’t get too far carrying the bags of un-forgiveness. We just can’t. It’s distracting and it’s a strategy of the enemy to distract us from the beautiful and amazing plans God has for us. I know they hurt you so much it made you cry, let it go by the power of the Spirit within you. I know you didn’t do anything to deserve to be treated that so bad, just let it go.

And not so fast, one thing I have realized personally is that sometimes we just don’t know how to forgive. Maybe we just need to learn by looking at how God through Christ has unconditionally forgiven us through the scriptures. In fact, Jesus tells us in the gospel to bless those who curse us and also pray for our enemies. For me this has been a healing path. I would be honest, first it’s a duty. You are doing it because God wants it from you but before you know it, the Spirit of God is really praying for them through you and asking God to bless them sincerely. And really this is a door opener to a lot of supernatural blessings and favor.

In a culture where the norm is to take up offence at the slightest hint of it, we do really need this. We need to cultivate a culture of forgiveness. If we only could see the person God sees when he looks at us, we would come to realize that we are bigger than these things. We can’t let un-forgiveness rob us of a beautiful future. And the interesting thing is as we lay down the weights, we run faster. We are able to focus better at the task at hand, hidden treasures are revealed and our mind and energy is restored.

Un-forgiveness might just be the thing slowing you down. It time to embrace life with more passion. Be brave to drop the weights. I dare you to be courageous in your calling.


Sometimes on our path to forgiveness, we might need someone we trust to talk to about our hurts and disappointments. What areas are you harboring un-forgiveness? Sit back and look over the beautiful things God has been revealing to you concerning your life, is it worth trading over holding a grudge or a thirst for revenge?

Get on it today. Ask God for grace to let go of these weights. Ask for an experience of the grace, mercy and love he has for you. Talk to someone maybe your pastor about it. Get study materials on the subject of forgiveness (I highly recommend R.T. Kendall’s book Total Forgiveness, it has helped me). Arm yourself ready for that beautiful future God has already given.

In a world that begs to conform to a culture far lesser than that which heaven has bestowed we need to wave our banner of forgiveness. We are the resistance. Let’s take our stand. Anyone with me on this ? 🙂

“I learnt what we hold against someone else would only wind up hurting ourselves. We need love motivation” – Beckah Shae


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a culture of forgiveness

by Ayomide Akinkugbe time to read: 4 min