The whole world is tinted pink for me right now.

It’s interesting looking at the world through a different lens. And just over six weeks ago the birth of my daughter made the transitions lenses in my glasses turn a strange and unusual color.

That little girl captured my heart the moment I said her name and she turned her head towards me at the sound of my voice.

In that instant, I knew that my life would be turned upside down… forever.

It kinda reminds me of another moment in my life that caused me to see the world in a different way. It caused me to think different, talk different, and feel different.

It changed the my song, and it changed my dance.

These images of pink are part of a photoplay project from The High Calling. Our assignment was to pick a color and pull together a gallery of images related to that color.

I’m far from being a professional photographer. But this project made me focus on something specific in my life right now. And I appreciate how it reminded me of the life-changing events that have caused me to view the rest of the world through a new lens.

What events in your life have caused you to look at things through a different lens?

How have those events changed your perspective and how you see things?

tinted pink [a @thehighcalling photoplay gallery]

by Dan King time to read: 1 min