“I’m afraid we’re going to pass on giving you this opportunity.”

Silly me. I thought my track record and work history would be enough, but apparently he had another idea of what the job would require of me.

“Sometimes when we come into work we need to put on a certain image. We need to show others what they want to see if we’re going to get anywhere in this organization.”

At that moment, I had to decide what I was willing to do in order to climb the corporate ladder.

In Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society, Tim Willard and Jason Locy have hit on something that resonates pretty deeply with me. They describe how in woodworking, a veneer is a thin covering over another surface that disguises it so that it looks like something it’s not. Willard and Locy continue to identify the ways we do the same thing… especially in the church.

This veneer we hide behind not only interferes with our relationships with each other, but also with God.

The first part of the book works through the how and why as it relates to our veneered lives. Willard and Locy talk about how everything from our purchasing decisions to how we interact with technology reveal the ways we attempt to project something we’re not.

The last part of the book then explores how we can move away from a veneered life, and into a more authentic relationship with God. Finding transparency and authenticity has benefits that can bring great freedom… IF we’re willing to become vulnerable and let go of some things.

Willard is a pastor’s kid who’s lived through (and wrestled with) the high expectations that others have for him. He now travels as a musician, speaker/teacher, and writer with a passion for seeing people develop an authentic connection with God. Locy is Creative Director for FiveStone and has worked with clients that are as big as they come. The combined experience of these two has resulted in a thorough and well thought out book that virtually all of us are able to connect with.

I know that I’ve connected with the book… in a big way.

In fact, I’ve found very few books that have been able to knock me back on my heels the way this one has. This is something that every Christian should read. It’s forced me to think about the veneer that I apply at work, at home, and at church. But more importantly it’s challenged me to break through the veneer to become a better Christ-follower, husband, father, worker, and friend.

Note: I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Willard for The High Calling. Check out that interview… How to End Veneer: A Video Interview with Tim Willard.

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book review: veneer [living deeply in a surface society]

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