[serialposts]Here’s that word again. Community.

We’ve recently talked about interpreting the Bible in community, and now we’re talking about praying in community. There seems to be something about doing things with other people that increases it’s impact.

Can we pray and talk to God by ourselves? Absolutely!

Have you prayed with a group of friends when one of them looks at you and says something like, “I’m not sure where this came from, but I wanted to let you know…”?

Hearing the audible voice of encouragement can be an uplifting experience matched by few other things in the Christian experience.

And it’s this praying in community that Margaret Feinberg speaks of in this next, and final, part of our interview. Coming together with other people to pray and to hear from God can ignite your passion for Him in a big way.

Check out what Margaret has to say about this…

[youtube nb_bKCWOZFk nolink]

igniting your passion for God [an interview with @mafeinberg]

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