dominican republic [micro]blogging for 2011-03-18

Written by Dan King

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March 18, 2011

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  • breakfast conversation focused on what we thought impacted us the most from yesterday… pastor’s own lives transformed. #loveserves#
  • just met the office staff for #loveserves amazing, beautiful, committed people making a HUGE difference across #dominicanrepublic#
  • we’re driving to the north side of the island today to visit churches in the san francisco and moca provinces…
  • san francisco province #dominicanrepublic has a muder rate higher than the national average. also high levels of drug use and trafficking. #
  • just learned how coca cola switching from sugar to (high fructose) corn syrup devastated the sugar cane industry here in #dominicanrepublic#
  • san francisco province in #dominicanrepublic has 13% of the nation’s domestic violence cases. also 27% of teen girls have been pregnant. #
  • half of all students in san francisco province in #dominicanrepublic leave school before completing primary school. #
  • driving through the city of san francisco in #dominicanrepublic about to meet with a local pastor here…
  • pastor belcia delgado is sharing about how she got connected with #loveserves as a way to get training to develop others in her church. #

  • while ministering to their community, pastor belcia didn’t wait for resources to come in, but they just worked with what they had. #goodwork#
  • pastor belcia also helps the members of her church discover their gifts and where they fit in. #loveserves #dominicanrepublic #
  • pastor belcia shares how their community involvement has made her a ‘mother to the community’. #loveserves #dominicanrepublic #
  • now even non-church members in the community are helping pastor belcia’s projects of bulding houses #
  • when pastor belcia’s church changed their vision to pour out love, they started seeing the community transform from inside-out. #loveserves#
  • by living out a life of serving the community, pastor belcia has even recently seen her husband come to Christ. #loveserves#
  • next stop is moca province #dominicanrepublic#
  • moca province #dominicanrepublic was once very peaceful but has recently been plagued by youth gangs and drug trafficking groups #
  • 66% of students in moca province #dominicanrepublic leave before completing basic education. #
  • breaking for lunch, and catching up on sharing a few photos… pastor belcia…
  • stairs into pastor belcia’s church…
  • i bet these drums make beautiful music… #dominicanrepublic

  • just arrived in moca province in #dominicanrepublic about to meet with pastor doing #goodwork to transform the community. #
  • moca province pastor brillonte is telling us about the three churches that he runs and working with #loveserves in the last year… #
  • pastor brillonte struggled with his church being too spiritual and out of balance with social work… now trying to get that balance. #
  • pastor brillonte is telling about the dangers of being isolated as a church the community and other churches. #loveserves#
  • i love how they say pastor brillonte’s name… BRRREEEE (with a bit of a growl)… yonte! #dominicanrepublic#
  • pastor brillonte is starting to see local gang members come into his church because of how they are caring for the people. #loveserves#
  • pastor brillonte’s small groups are designed to build relationships w/ others outside the church, not to be church social clubs. #loveserves#

  • arriving back in santo domingo #dominicanrepublic my head is spinning with thoughts about foriegn missions AND local ministry. #loveserves#
  • Dinner with the team… mixed (pollo y res) fajitas for me… (@ Lincoln Road)
  • In for the night and catching up on some blogging… good posts coming… (@ Dominican Fiesta Hotel Santo Domingo)

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  1. Laura Boggess

    Dude! All this? Amazing. keep doing that #goodwork. Praying for all kinds of stuff–all good–to happen while you are there and ever after.


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dominican republic [micro]blogging for 2011-03-18

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