I’m working on creating a personal habit of identifying really cool stuff, and in that effort I have committed myself to documenting some of the coolest things that I see every week.

these-people-exist-weird-20000(By the way, this is a good habit for anyone who is interested in upping their game in any area of work!)

Therefore, I am creating a new regular feature that I will share every Friday right here on bibledude.net that I’ll call ‘dude, that was awesome!’ (or ‘dtwa’ for short).

Here’s how it will work, basically I will create a list every Friday of some of the coolest things that I’ve seen throughout the week. Not only will I list them here with links, but (as part of my personal exercise) I will share why I thought that it was awesome.

I will also Twitter things throughout the week that I find using the #dtwa hashtag. So please feel free to check out the feed for that and please feel free to use that hashtag yourself to share cool stuff that you come across.

So without further adeu, here is list #1…

  • 7 Keys To Starting a Movement by Carlos Whittaker (Ragamuffin Soul)
    This one made this list for two reasons. First the video is stinkin’ hilarious! And second, because Los has a way of finding some really important principles in something like this video. Dude’s got skill (Los, not the guy in the video)…
  • 10 Commandments of Social Media by Lon Safko (Fast Company)
    There’s nothing earth-shattering about the content here. Most people who are into social networking understand these things. If nothing else, then this serves as a good reminder. The reason that I added it to the list was because of the cool ‘Social Media Bible Ten Commandment Ball’ that you can print out!
  • Jake Shimabukuro “Let’s Dance” (YouTube)
    Umm… dude is AMAZING!
  • Flickering Pixels Group Blogging Project by John Dyer (ChurchCrunch)
    Cool concept (the group blogging project study of a book), interesting book (one that will challenge you). I liked the concept so much, that I am starting a group blogging project of my own on Servolution.

dude, that was awesome! (dtwa) #1

by Dan King time to read: 2 min