UPDATE: This project is now full! If you are interested in future projects like this, then please subscribe to updates from this site so that you will be notified of upcoming projects like this. Everyone is also welcome to join the conversation as we post each of the chapter reviews over the next few weeks! Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming interest!

Ever since I first received my advance copy of Dino Rizzo’s new book Servolution from Zondervan, I have to admit that I’ve been somewhat obsessed with it’s message! A servolution is exactly the sort of thing that more people in the church these days need to be a part of (myself included)!

So in an effort to feed my obsession (and hopefully yours), I’d like to host a group blogging project on the book. Here’s how it will work…

  1. Totally awesome bloggers (like yourself) sign up by sending me an email telling me that you are interested.
  2. If you do not already have a copy of the book, then I will send you one.
  3. Each blogger will review a chapter of the book, and share their thoughts on it here at (and on your own blog if you want).
  4. One chapter will be featured every day until we work through the entire book.
  5. Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion and have a little fun… bibledude-style!

I plan to get this started pretty soon so that the majority of this project will happen during the week of June 20-27 which is when the focus of One Prayer 2009 will be on “Spreading God’s love by Serving.” So it will be an exciting time to generate discussion around Servolution while people all around the world are fasting and praying about the same thing!

So please let me know ASAP if you are interested, and please feel free to let others who you think may be interested know about this exciting project!

group blogging project signup: servolution!

by Dan King time to read: 2 min