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Written by Dan King

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May 11, 2011

[serialposts]When we complete a group blogging project around here we usually do a wordle on the posts. I love the visual representation of text that wordle.net creates. And our group study on the Epistle of James is no different.

This first one is on the text from the contributions to the project. James is obviously a standout because we were talking about what he wrote. But I like some of the other terms that stand out here. You can really get a sense of how God-focused this project was.

Project Text Wordle

What’s really interesting is when you compare the project text wordle to one on the text from the actual Epistle of James. You’ll see some similarities and some differences…

Epistle of James Text Wordle

So what stood out as different to you? Why do you think we’re seeing these differences?


  1. goodwordediting

    I like this idea. Most of the differences are from the source and the kinds of words we use to talk about a source.

    James rarely uses his own name, but for us his name is shorthand for the full argument of his letter. Similarly, our discussions about the truth of his book talk about the “words” he “wrote” or that were “written.”

    I’m wondering how this affects our understanding of truth. We filter truth so much (what choice do we have?) that the big ideas are suddenly smaller than the filters we use to talk about the big ideas…

  2. goodwordediting

    Also, you win the prize for making it easiest to comment and share on twitter at the same time!


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[epistle of james] project wordles

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