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“This is the story of an unusual year, when I did something I never intended to do. But it is also a course in discovery and playing towards God, through spiritual practice, offered with gentle expectations.” ~ L.L. Barkat

Some of the best growth we can experience is completely unintended. It comes in those moments we least expect it to come. You know… those times of clarity we encounter when we think we have it all figured out, and then… BOOM!

I’ve always been one to strive. For everything. Including my relationship with God.

At times I’ve tried to figure out the right formula to somehow improve my relationship with God. I don’t question my salvation, but have thought that if I could just do “X” then maybe God will love (bless) me more.

What I’ve learned is that the best thing I can do is to just position myself, and let the relationship with Him grow as He pours into it as well.

We often get so busy trying to do things to please God, when all we have to do is just be there.

For me, that’s what this project is all about.

I don’t know exactly what I’ll get out of it. But I do know that I can’t shouldn’t try to force it. I also know that as I put myself out there to experience Him in a greater way, He will meet me there.

So my prayer as we step into this study together is that we not strive for anything, but rather we just go to that place where we can encounter an awesome God. And I pray that as we meet Him there, He would touch and change each one of us in ways we’ve never expected. Amen.

As we launch into this study together, I leave you with these final words from L.L. Barkat in the introduction to the book…

“Just begin.”

[god in the yard] introduction

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