I have led small group studies for several years, and I can honestly say that the most memorable and rewarding ones have been the groups that my wife and I have led on the topic of marriage. Trust me, we certainly are not experts on the topic, and we probably never will be perfect in that area. So when leading a group like that, it always helps to have some great resources to guide you through the process. But one thing that I can tell you for sure is that you do not need to have a broken marriage to benefit from a study like this.

Certainly if you read this blog, then you probably know about the movie Fireproof (starring Kirk Cameron). If you have not seen it yet, then I strongly encourage you to do so. I thought that it was very well done, and is realistic portrayal of a marriage and the gospel. And now there are some great resources that are based on this movie! You can get The Love Dare book featured in the movie, an indivdual (couples) study, or a small group study. If you are married, or plan to be married soon, then I strongly encourage you to invest in resources like this. I promise you that you will not regret it!

448658: The Love Dare, Imitation Leather EditionThe Love Dare
By B & H Publishing Group

Today, many marriages end when one partner says “I don’t love you anymore.” In Love Dare, the book featured in the movie Fireproof (starring Kirk Cameron), you can learn the true nature of love. It’s a 40-day guided devotional experience that will lead your heart back to truly loving your spouse. Each day’s entry discusses a unique aspect of love, presents a specific “dare” to do for your spouse, and gives you a journaling area to chart the progress that you will be making. I dare you to take the dare!

Your Price: $8.24

Fireproof Your Marriage

This kit, based on the movie Fireproof was created to help build and strengthen marriages using biblical principles. It is designed with an easy format that integrates clips from the movie, key Scriptures, and group discussion, all perfect for couples’ small groups. The kit includes an easy to follow six session DVD, and two participant’s guides.

Fireproof Your MarriageSix Sessions:

  • He Said/She Said (1: 40)
  • He First Loved Us (5:15)
  • Love for a Lifetime (2:30)
  • Breaking Free (2:45)
  • Forgiveness (5:30)
  • A Better Way of Loving (3:20)


  • Movie clip: Train is Coming (2:30)
  • Movie clip: Lead Your Heart (3:20)
  • Movie Trailer (2:15)

For Individual study:

Fireproof Your Marriage, Couples Kit

Your Price: $19.77

For group study:

Fireproof Your Marriage, Leader’s Kit (comes with two participant’s guides)

Your Price: $16.47

Fireproof Your Marriage, Additional Participant’s Guide

Your Price: $8.95

Update: Get the DVD now, or visit the Fireproof & Love Dare section of the BibleDude Store for more great stuff!

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fireproof your marriage and the love dare

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