Not long ago I shared the bibledude technology report based on a study from the Barna Group. In this report I asked how the church can engage the culture better through the use of technology. One of the interesting trends that is happening is regarding how people see themselves more as creators of rather than consumers of content. So our challenge as the church is to find ways to engage people in the conversation with the technologies that people are using.

Since then I have been asked to check out a new book called Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps. In this book Hipps makes some interesting observations about how technology affects the way that we understand the messages that we receive. Check out this short interview with Rob Bell in which he lays out some of the key ideas in the book…

[youtube D6QiyElRG3c Video :: Rob Bell and Shane Hipps Interview]

Hipps raises some great questions, and brings some insight that all Christians need to keep in mind. This certainly is a book that will challenge the way that you think and will cause you to re-evaluate how you use technology to spread the Gospel of Jesus. This book is a must-read for anyone who is using (or planning to use) technology to fulfill the Great Commission. I don’t think that it should discourage you to use technology, but to be aware of how it affects the message. In order to be truly effective in living out our faith, then we must keep our tools in their proper place.

For me the bottom line is that technology does not (and cannot) replace relationships. Let me know what you think….


flickering_pixelsFlickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith
By Shane Hipps

Product Description
“The methods change, but the message stays the same.” This saying is the guiding light for faithful Christians in a changing world. But author Shane Hipps reveals the error in this thinking. Instead he demonstrates how changing the methods always changes the message. He shows us the hidden power of technology to shape our faith in unexpected ways.

From the Back Cover
Flickering pixels are the tiny dots of light that make up the screens of life—from TVs to cell phones. They are nearly invisible, but they change us. In this provocative book, author Shane Hipps takes readers beneath the surface of things to see how the technologies we use end up using us.

Not all is dire, however, as Hipps shows us that hidden things have far less power to shape us when they aren’t hidden anymore. We are only puppets of our technology if we remain asleep. Flickering Pixels will wake us up—and nothing will look the same again.

About the Author
Shane Hipps, Lead Pastor of Trinity Mennonite Church, is a dynamic communicator and sought-after speaker. His previous career in advertising helped him gain expertise in understanding media and culture. Shane lives with his family in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit

flickering pixels by shane hipps

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