This is another cool act out of INORecords called VOTA (formerly known as Casting Pearls). I believe that they are currently on tour with the Newsboys, and I can only imagine that this would be a pretty hot show to catch!

I just discovered on their website that they are working to bring relief from poverty to Kenya. I really liked that since I’ll be there in about a month on a poverty-fighting mission trip! That automatically makes these guys pretty cool in my book!

This track is called Hard To Believe, and the video for it is pretty slick. Check it out and let me know what you think….

[youtube rXruyT3ziUU Video :: VOTA “Hard To Believe” Music Video]

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“VOTA takes a fresh spin on the same players’ arena-filling alternative rock offerings and occasional dance-floor fillers.”-CHRISTIANITY TODAY

“Olesen’s syrupy vocals are perfect for this sort of music, and most of the songs are electric. Vota shows its writing chops here, re- minding listeners of God’s love and redemptive power, making this a strong debut.” –CHRISTIAN RETAILING

“ Catchy, honest, and encouraging, 2009 looks to be a big year for VOTA.” -JESUSFREAKHIDEOUT

“Lyrically, VOTA exhibits a maturity and depth that belies their newcomer status. VOTA delivers a memorable debut and effectively breaks into the Christian mainstream. They expertly blur the line between cutting edge and familiar while leaving you glad you gave VOTA a chance.” – ON COURSE MAGAZINE

music monday: vota, hard to believe

by Dan King time to read: 1 min