As we watched the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics, I was struck by how beautiful everyone was. It seemed like an unending parade of beautiful people. “There aren’t this many beautiful people in Hollywood,” I said to my husband.

“I think all people are innately beautiful,” he replied. “It’s when we start messing with ourselves that we hide the beauty.”

That got me thinking about how we’re all created in God’s image. And God is beautiful. So of course we’re all innately beautiful. But because we want to be better, we try to improve upon what God has already made perfect.

Athlete after athlete walked by – country after country – and I couldn’t help but notice all the different shades of skin. Colors of hair. Styles of clothing. And I began to wonder how racism can exist. I mean – how can people can look at another human being and not see God?

“Racism is a thing of the past,” some might say. But it’s not true. I know people who think they are better than others simply because of the color of their skin. Or because they make more money. Or because they live in a different part of town.

There are no two people who look exactly alike. Not even identical twins are completely identical. And yet so often we put God in a box. We think God looks like us. We think God would act like we do. Live where we live.

But what if God looked like our enemy?

And lets face it – we all have enemies.

Maybe they have skin of a different color.
Maybe they dress in a very different style. Or in no style at all.
Maybe they eat weird food.
Maybe they believe weird things.
Maybe they look like they could be from a country that is known for its terrorists.
Maybe they speak out loudly on a hot button issue in a very different way than we would.
Maybe they were once our friend, but because of a fight they no longer make the list.

There are so many things that divide us. But the reality is each one of us has a little piece of God in us. We are all created in the beautiful image of God. We are beautiful.

Who is your enemy today? How would you treat them differently if you took time to see the beauty of God in them?

god our enemy?

by Crystal Rowe time to read: 2 min