where do i fit in?

take a stand, where do i fit in

Written by Anthony Tringale

I currently live in Syracuse, NY where I work at a local church, Victory Christian Center, working with the worship team along with leading a community bible group. I work as the Director of a local non-profit where we work to end human trafficking in the world. I've been saved for the majority of my life and I am beginning to realize the importance of christian mentoring in the lives of the people.

July 30, 2012

take a stand, where do i fit in

There are so many social justice issues in the world today that need to be addressed that, if you’re like me, it can be extremely challenging to figure out which ones to support.

There are issues of hunger all around the world, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, issues of sexual exploitation and slavery among all classes, races, and ages. There are literally hundreds of causes and organizations for which you could choose to fight. So how do you choose? And when you find the cause you’re passionate about, how do you decide which organization with which to partner and work alongside?

Looking at the issues of sexual slavery around the world, there are at least 20 heavy hitting organizations fighting this issue. Do you help LOVE 146, For The Sake of One, Not For Sale, Forsaken Generation, or any of the other organizations out there?

First you need to choose which cause to support. That’s difficult because as Christians we’re called to defend all victims everywhere. The fact is that’s it’s impossible for one person to save every victim. One person cannot go into Africa and provide food for every malnourished child in the whole continent. However, we can go to work and prepare the ground for the generations coming after us to save the victims.

You’ll have to forgive my lack of knowledge on this subject, but I’ve heard that the first missionary to China worked tirelessly for 40 years without seeing one convert to Christianity. Yet the work he did in those 40 years made it possible for the generations after him to bring Jesus to that nation. Those generations went to work sending thousands of missionaries into China. This man found his cause: Working for the salvation of a nation. Though he knew that he alone couldn’t save the nation for Jesus, he still worked for years preparing the ground for future generations. Sometimes that’s what we are supposed to do. Will we see the end of sex trafficking in America in our lifetime? Probably not. But the work we do today will prepare the ground for future generations to bring that change to our nation.

When choosing which cause to fight for it’s best to look inside yourself. What are your natural tendency’s? What ignites your passion? If you get fired up thinking about all the children without clean water in Africa than it wouldn’t make much sense to start working for an organization that fights sex trafficking in America. You’ll do more good and be more effective if you volunteer in areas and with organizations that are fighting causes you’re already passionate about.

When you’ve chosen the cause that gets you fired up inside, how do you choose the right organization fighting for that cause? Well, that depends. It depends on how you want to get involved in the fight. Do you want to fight financially? If so, you can really choose any organization, or multiple organizations. If you’re wanting to be hands on in the fight against hunger, than you should join an organization that is hands on with victims of hunger.

Forsaken Generation fights sexual exploitation and trafficking among children in America through spreading awareness, advocating for new policy and laws, through prevention and education, and through placing volunteers with other organizations that are hands on in the fight. If you wanted to fight sex trafficking and be hands on with victims, we would not be the organization to join. However, we could help place you with an organization that is hands on.

When it comes down to it, common sense is the best gauge. What ignites that fire in your heart? What cause makes you break down and cry when you think about the victims? Next, how do you want to fight for those victims? Hands on and in close contact or do you want to simply provide the means for others to be hands on in the fight? Both ways are equally as important. You should never feel defeated or less worthy because you donate your money and prayers to help organizations. If it were not for people such as yourself our organizations wouldn’t be around.

The call for everyone is simply and equally to stand for the victims. You can stand in different ways, but you must still stand.


  1. Leslie Rowe

    I appreciate this. I’ve always been more of a check-writer than a hands-on-doer. Sometimes it felt like the lazy way out. Just write a check and be done with it. But I suppose without the check-writers, many of the doers would be thwarted.

    • Anthony Tringale

      Yes Leslie, both roles are so vitally important to any cause. Without you others couldn’t do what they do. Thank you so much for your heart in helping change the world.

  2. Sandra Heska King

    Bill Hybels’ book, Holy Discontent, made a huge impact on me. He talks about “Popeye people,” those who find their passion, that one thing that causes them to say, “That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more!” Then it’s just a matter of doing *something,* and all our little somethings add up to big things, right?

    • Anthony Tringale

      That’s a great point Sandra! Yes, it’s about the little things, the medium, and the big things. I think it really is about the individuals heart when helping out. If your heart is in the right place, well, that’s all that matters. Thank you for sharing.


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where do i fit in?

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