It starts with a boy with a heart to do something special for others. “I want to send Christmas to the orphans in Haiti. I want them to have a playground,” says the 7 year-old who loves the children he’s never met.

So we scramble to hold a garage sale for orphans. In November.

Because nobody understands the importance of play more than a 7 year-old.

After all the prep work… Collecting donated items to sell from friends who wanted to support the cause of the boy with the big heart… It was time to sell.

The boy’s sale raises nearly $1,400 for the project. It’s not everything that’s needed, but Help One Now donors step in to raise the rest of the money required to complete the project.

The dream becomes a reality. And the work begins.

While children wait patiently.

Eventually, the ground is prepared, the equipment is delivered, and the team arrives to help install everything. I can only imagine the anticipation the children felt as they watched the pieces come together before their eyes. Hearts racing, ready to pounce when given the word.




Mission accomplished.

Do you want to change a life? Consider holding a Garage Sale 4 Orphans or sponsoring a Help One Now child in Haiti.

how to build a playground… in haiti

by Dan King time to read: 1 min