I got a bunch of search engine traffic last week from people searching the term shibboleet.

I know… shibbo-what? I had the same exact question when I peeked at the trending search terms on Google. In my curiosity I decided to write a post about it. The post even got picked up and used as a reference for an article on a news website.

But I think the best part about that experience was what it did for me as a blogger. The activity forced me to look at something in current trending conversation, and write something about it from a Christian world view.

Only a handful of others joined me in the challenge, but we all enjoyed doing it, and I really appreciated the different perspectives that came up as a result! So…

I want to try doing this on a regular basis. If you’re a blogger, then consider letting yourself be stretched a little bit. You’ll grow as a blogger. I promise.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a topic from the top 20 Hot Searches list at Google Trends.
  2. Write a post at your blog not to exceed 250 words (deadline: Friday 10/22).
  3. Share the link to your post below using the Simply Linked widget.
  4. Leave a comment here about what you learned most from this challenge.

I even have some cool books that I’ll let one random participant select from. Just follow these steps to enter, and I’ll notify one lucky winner over the weekend.

Even if you’re not a blogger, then check out the cool posts that others submit here. There should be some pretty interesting conversations brewing!

google trends [blogging challenge for 10/22]

by Dan King time to read: 1 min