huddleI’ve just lined up two great new opportunities for you to immerse yourself into the bibledude community! And the best part is that if you are selected, then you get some cool FREE stuff!

Recently, we’ve run a couple of great group blogging projects on some really cool books:

The way these work is that we line up people like you to each review one chapter of the book. Then according to the posting schedule, we work through the book one chapter per day until we’ve collectively completed the book. The great thing about doing something like this is the diversity of perspectives mixed together with the unity of the topic!

So starting right now, I am accepting requests to participate in two new group blogging projects that I’ll be starting soon! Take a look at the information listed below, and email me at [email protected] if you are interested in participating in one of them and getting a free copy of that book.

The Naked Gospel: The truth you may never hear in church by Andrew Farley


This project is now full!

Dates:  September 7th – 15th

About the book: Jesus plus nothing. 100% natural. No additives. It’s the truth you may never hear in church. The Naked Gospel is a chapter-by-chapter assault on the churchy jargon and double talk of our day. It puts forth a message that is simple but life-changing. With a fresh take on Scripture and unapologetic style, The Naked Gospel will challenge you to re-examine everything you thought you already knew.


  1. obsessive-Christianity disorder
  2. religion is a headache
  3. crossing the line
  4. burning matushkas
  5. cheating on Jesus
  6. we don’t marry dead people
  7. ego assult 

For those interested in: Christian worldviews, Spiritual growth


Jesus, The Middle Eastern Storyteller: Uncover the Ancient Culture, Discover Hidden Meanings by Gary M. Burge


This project is now full!

Dates:  September 21st – 29th (tentative)

About the book: Storytellers made history, and Jesus was the greatest of them all. But how can modern readers know what he actually meant in such iconic parables as the Prodigal Son and the Good Samaritan? Jesus, the Middle Eastern Storyteller combines the readability of a popular novel and the authority of scholarship to uncover the hidden meaning of references too often misinterpreted or left shrouded in mystery.


  1. Jesus’ Storytelling World
  2. The Friend Who Came at Midnight
  3. Stories About Excuses
  4. Stories About Compassion
  5. Stories of Forgiveness
  6. Finding the Lost
  7. The foolish Builder

For those interested in: Bible literacy, Historical context


If you are interested in participating in either one of these projects (and getting a FREE copy of the book courtesy of my friends at Zondervan), then email [email protected] indicating which one you are most interested in, and the website address of your blog (if you have one… not required to participate). Let us know right away if you are interested, because spots will likely fill up quickly!

group blogging projects: two great opportunities!

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