Haiti Home Construction Site


  • We were just able to tell Dario (one of our translators) that his character just got him a job and a mentor with one of the local partners. #
  • @kristabelieves wishing you a happy valentines day too! Wish I was home to celebrate with you, but “it’ll be worth it”… right? #loveyou #
  • At the construction site, one of the local workers just brought lunch over for the crew… spaghetti noodles and ketchup! #haitiwhnf #
  • The local workers here have such a strong work ethic and much of our team is just honored to serve and be around them. #haitiwhnf #goodwork #
  • one of the workers just pulled a photo of his son out of his wallet to show us (without being asked). #prouddad #justlikeus #haitiwhnf #
  • the haitian worker i’m talking with is a single dad who does construction work, but would like to learn to be a mechanic. #haitidreams #
  • Mmm… I can smell the onion and pepper that’s being cooked over an wood fire in some of the houses around here. #haitifood #
  • @scott4arrows what I didn’t know was that those onions I smelled were for us! #ohmygosh they were awesome! #
  • I’m learning so much about community here in #haiti It’s beautiful to see people care for each other they way they do. #loveyourneighbor # 
  • @sethhaines #pwenbouton (that’s #fistbump in creole) #
  • @sethhaines or more appropriately #korem (what the haitians call the #fistbump #
Petionville Tent City (JP01)
  • About to meet with Pastor St. Cyr from the Tent Cities. Really cool opportunity! #
  • “God burdened my heart to go to the Tent City, and I’ve never seen such thing. 65,000 people in one place.” Pastor St Cyr #
  • “On the third day after the earthquake people came because they heard the praise and worship on our sound system.” – Pastor St. Cyr #
  • “God always works in the midst of anything. He always provides.” – Pastor St. Cyr #
  • I just got an ice cold Coke in a glass bottle from Pastor St. Cyr. #refreshing #haitiwhnf #
  • “We are giving some women interest-free loans and training so that they can start business and provide for their kids.” – Pastor St. Cyr #
  • “We’ve given loans to people who used to come for bread, and now they are not coming for bread anymore.” Pastor St. Cyr #
  • “I don’t like to see when people cannot do something for themselves. When you come, you can teach whatever you know.” Pastor St. Cyr #haiti #
  • “Some are teachers and some are lawyers. They are not ‘tent city people’, they are people!” – Pastor St. Cyr #haiti #potsc #labelslie #
  • Just toured the Tent City, and I’m at a loss for words. The encouraging part is that it’s only half the population of about a year ago. #
  • One word that stands out when seeing people living in these Tent City conditions, as bad as they are, is… #perseverance #haitiwhnf #
  • Leaving church service in Petionville Tent City (JP01) now, and it’s exciting to know that the Spirit of God is alive in this place! #haiti #

haiti [micro]blogging for 2012-02-14

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