haiti [micro]blogging for 2012-02-15

Haiti, school, child sponsorship

Written by Dan King

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February 15, 2012

Haiti, school, child sponsorship


  • RT @helpendpoverty: NEW POST: Haiti Trip Journal: More Than Just Building a House by @bibledudehttp://t.co/ZDpJp35y#
  • On the road early (5AM) today for the long (4hr) drive out to Drouin. Today I get to meet the child my family sponsors. #haitiwhnf#
  • Just arrived in Drouin… about to meet the sponsor-kids, including the boy my family sponsors! #
  • Watching some of the classes in the school in Drouin, and I love the passion the teachers have. Education is SO important! #haitiwhnf#
  • When cholera outbreak happened a year and a half ago in Haiti, the first death was here in Drouin. #whycleanwatermatters#
  • The program in Drouin is a preventative one… with the hopes of eliminating the need for an orphanage early. #
  • Just found out that my sponsored child isn’t in school today. They went out to look for him now. #praying that everything is okay… #
  • Just got word about Samuel Saul (my sponsored child). Turns out his family moved away about a week ago. More on that later… #gladhesokay#
  • Enjoying a lunch of rice and lalo (a veggie similar to spinach only grown in Haiti)… definitely not fancy, but local and delicious! #
  • Talked w/ the local pastor about why my sponsored child’s family moved away, and it’s due to the lack of work here in Drouin. #gottaprovide#
  • After the earthquake the U.S. and other countries sent loads of rice, which devastated Haiti rice farming in places like Drouin. #nomorework#
  • It’s crazy how much ‘aid’ can cause a huge negative ripple effect on local economies that last for years. #
  • Just stopped by a lookout at Wahoo Bay, where I did some snorkeling during my last trip to Haiti. What a beautiful place! #
  • Just finished today’s post while on the four-hour drive back from Drouin. It was an emotional one for me. I’ll push it out shortly… #haiti#
  • @leijeaa thanks! I’ll have the fuller story up on a post a little later this evening… turns out to be a pretty important experience. #
  • RT @helpendpoverty: NEW POST: Haiti Trip Journal: When Your Sponsored Kid Doesn’t Show Up by @bibledude http://t.co/bzDflSFz

Homes in Drouin, Haiti


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haiti [micro]blogging for 2012-02-15

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